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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your prices?

2023 Prices:
One Hour ATV Experience:
- Includes ATV, Tour, Entry Fee, Gas, & Gear!
- $120/per person
- $110/per person with groups of 6 or more

- $25 passenger fee (For kids 5-10 yrs old)

Our Fleet of ATV's Includes:
- 15 ATV's for ages 14+
- 3 Youth ATV's for ages 8+

Online reservations must be made 16 hours prior to activity. Reservation made less than 16 hours in advance can only be accepted over the phone and require payment in full!

If there is a date not shown within our online registration page, please call and we can try to make arrangements to meet your schedule!

Where are you located?

We are located within the famous RACEWAY PARK facility at 230 Pension Road, Englishtown, NJ 07726. Get directions by clicking here DIRECTIONS

When are you open?

We are typically open the months of March thru December, but will extend our season if the weather allows. View our schedule by clicking here RENTAL RESERVATIONS for the latest schedule or call to see if we can make a specific date available.

Do I need my own gear?

No, we will provide you with all the essential gear you will need. (Helmets with brand new disposible head socks and goggles are always included. Optional equipment includes- knee pads, chest protectors, elbow pads, etc.)

Can I bring my own gear? Absolutely! We recommend you bring your own gear if you already have it. This way you are wearing something you are already comfortable with.

What do I need to wear and bring?

We ask riders to wear LONG pants, LONG sleeved shirt, AND RIDERS MUST WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES!!! ABSOLUTELY, no open toes shoes (flip flops, sandals, etc.) We will provide the rest. Lack of this required gear may result in having to purchase additional gear or not being allowed to participate. In addition to gear, we suggest bring some cold drinks, a few snacks, and a change of clothes in case you get dirty. (You aren't afraid of getting a little dirty, are you?)

Do you cancel in the event of rain/bad weather?

Sometimes. Pending on the weather, we may elect to reschedule a rental session. Lightning storms, extreme heat or excessive cold, and significantly high winds are grounds for rescheduling. We will EMAIL you and post the cancellation on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) if we decide to cancel or postpone the session. It is your responsibility to check your email or our social media to confirm.

What's included in the rental?

We will provide a brief review of our policies/rules, an overview/tutorial of the vehicle, some basic training, followed of course by the ATV tour, and finish the activity with a nice photo op. Also included in your rental will be a current, well maintained ATV, full tank of fuel, brand new sanitary head sock, helmet, goggles, and gloves. You only need to provide the pants, shirt, AND NO OPEN TOED SHOES!

Will there be other riders in my group? Or can I have a private tour?

For an additional $10 per rider, we offer a "Private Tour" option to reservations with a MINIMUM OF FOUR RIDERS (offered weekends only) which provides you with your own private tour guide! Your personal tour guide will take ONLY your group out for the duration of the tour itself and offer bonuses like taking stand still photos at our photo spot (with your phone/camera). Without this option, there is no guarantee that you will have your own dedicated tour guide.

How long is a session?

Our sessions are 1 hour long for the entire the ATV tour riding experience. Throughout the trails tour you will encounter bumps, small hills, log crossings, puddles, water crossings and probably even some mud pits!

What type of machines can we choose from?

Currently, we have the following 18 automatic (and easy to operate) ATV's to choose from: (Check availability through reservations page)
      15 Polaris 200cc Phoenix (Ages 14+)
     and 3 Youth sized ATV's (Ages 8+)

Do I need prior experience?

NO! In fact, the majority of our riders have never ridden an ATV before! Our ATV's are super easy to operate with a simple Forward, Neutral, and Reverse transmission. So all you have to do is simply push the lever into forward, ease on the throttle and off you go! No clutch, no gears, just gas and go! If you can ride a bicycle and understand the concept of steering with handlebars, you can ride our ATV's!

Can females rent ATV's?

Absolutely! Women are a large percentage of our rental population! And they have just as much fun getting dirty as the guys... sometimes even more!

Can children participate? What is the minimum age to ride/rent an ATV?

Yes!!! Small children ages 4-10 can ride on the back as a passenger with a responsible adult. Riders ages 8 and up can participate on their own utilizing our Youth sized ATV's (Ages 8 and up). Simply select the vehicles size (based off of age) during reservation checkout.

How many can ride at the same time?

At this time, we typically offer group sizes of 14. However, we can accomodate up to 16-18 riders. Please call to make arrangements for groups over 14 riders.

Are there any waivers or forms that need to be filled out? How about riders under 18 years old?

Yes! We now offer online/digital waivers to enforce social distancing. Please use the link from your reservation, or, you can use the following links to our online waivers if you no longer have your confirmation email:

Digital Waiver- UNDER 18
Do the parents or legal guardians HAVE to be there to sign them in?

No, however, if parent or legal guardian cannot attend, we (our insurance) require the following notarized form from the parent or legal guardian authorizing someone else to sign them in for the day:
     Minor Participant Authorized Guardian Form

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

CANCELLATION REQUESTS MADE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SCHEDULED ACTIVITY ARE NON REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE... NO EXCEPTIONS!!! PARTIES ARRIVING WITH FEWER NUMBER OF PEOPLE ON THEIR RESERVATION WILL FORFEIT ENTIRE PAYMENT (OF THOSE NOT IN ATTENDANCE) AND THOSE NOT IN ATTENDANCE WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A FUTURE TRANSFER. CANCELLATION REQUESTS MADE 24 TO 72 HOURS (1-3 DAYS) PRIOR TO SCHEDULED EVENT WILL RESULT IN A $50 CANCELLATION FEE PER VEHICLE RESERVED. THOSE ARRIVING LATE WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A REFUND! (IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ARRIVE ON TIME.) Should you need to cancel or reschedule your event, simply provide us with a MINIMUM of 72 hours notice PRIOR to your scheduled event and we will gladly refund 100% of your payment, reschedule, or modify your activity with no penalty what-so-ever. Riders that are riding irresponsible or in such a way to potentially hurt themselves, others, or our vehicles will have their session ended early without any refunds. Riders who arrive under the influence WILL NOT be permitted to ride, will forfeit their payment, and be asked to leave. We thank you for your business and look forward to providing you a fun filled adventure!

What is involved? Can you explain how it works?

Sure, it is as easy as... Make your reservation. You are now guaranteed to have vehicles for that particular date and time. Arrive 30 minutes early to get checked in by signing release forms, select gear, etc. At your activity start time, we will begin our policy/procedure chat and ATV overview explanation/demo, followed by tesing your skills in our range area to prove you can control the vehicle. After that, the real fun begins with your ATV experience in our private trails!

Do you have any souvenirs to purchase?

We typically carry small, medium, and large jerseys and Tee Shirts that can be purchased and act as wonderful souvenirs. Some even like to purchase them before they ride to get them more "into the groove".

Are pictures allowed?

For sure! We cannot allow someone into the trails, but if someone would like to take pictures from "the sidelines" before or after the tour, they are more than welcome! We like to take pictures as well throughout the sessions... they can be found on our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to Like and Share your pictures as well as our Facebook page to help spread the love.

What if we damage a vehicle?

Riders are responsible for ANY AND ALL damage they cause to the vehicle! We reserve the right to charge the credit card on file for for any damage caused by any renter included in that reservation. NJ ATV Rentals Staff reserves the right to ask a rider to leave if he/she is posing a threat to themselves or others WITHOUT a refund. And remember, "Roll it over, your session is over!"

Do you do Bachelor Parties/Birthday Parties, Team Building, & Corporate Events?

We most certainly do, and quite often as a matter of fact! Please call for details if you are interested in booking a large event.

What if people are riding reckless?

We have a TWO STRIKE YOU'RE OUT policy! This means you will receive ONE WARNING (and one warning only)! If our staff has to stop you again, you will simply be asked to leave and you will forfeit your rental fee and remaining time in that particular session without a refund. Safety is our number one priority!

How do I make a reservation?

For your convenience, our RENTAL RESERVATIONS page allows you to reserve vehicles and book a tour directly through our website 24/7 when paying in full. What we always suggest is to check out our schedule and compare it to yours. Once you see a date that works with your schedule, go ahead and book it online right away before someone else gets it. You can always give us a call to arrange for a session over the phone. However, we always recommend you book it through our website as soon as you see it is available to guarantee that particular date and time. Keep in mind, the reservation page is "Live" meaning, anybody can book a session at any time. So if you snooze, you may lose the date/time you had wanted.

What are the rules?

Pleas see the following link for our rules which are strictly enformced.

  • Rules for ALL.
  • I still have more questions or would like to discuss in person.

    If you would like to speak to us, feel free to give us a call at 732-608-6535 or contact us via email at